Are you an LMS, or an e-learning platform? Adeption – what are you?

Well, we’re about something a bit different. We’re about that gap. That gap between all those amazing, wonderful things you know, and the things you should be doing (and most likely aren’t). The fruit and vege packed lifestyle. The endless amounts of patience. You know you need to stop eating takeaways, breathe deeply. But then. Then, there’s the making it happen.

We know. We’ve seen it before. Great workshop, amazing facilitators, inspired people. We’ve been the facilitators. We’ve been the inspired people. Except, you get back to your normal, outside-the-training-day life, and you’re back to business-as-usual. 300 emails. We know. It’s tricky. The training becomes a distant memory.

So we’ve acquainted ourselves with the research. We’ve talked to people. We’ve seen what helps people make a change, and we’ve seen some amazing changes.

Adeption is about giving you the tools to learn useful things, decide to take action, make a change, and even better, inspire others.

So that’s what we’re about. Closing that knowing-doing gap. Helping people be better.

Adeption (verb); the action of getting better, everyday.