Adeption’s vertically-informed
approach creates leaders with
capability and capacity. 




Let your leaders soar – our B3 approach brings vertical development principles to life.

The B3 approach


Our Be Conscious, Be Curious, Be Better (B3) framework is the magic behind how we develop leaders horizontally and vertically.


Built on neuroscience and behavior change principles to develop the mindset to thrive in ambiguity.


The B3 framework respects the context your leaders are coming from and operating in; giving them the space to contextualize and focus on what they need.


A model to iteratively develop; with a continual focus on experiential development and reflection.

What does B3 include?

Be Conscious

We start with you.

What is important, what works, what are your goals, what are your challenges?

This primes your thinking and focus, preparing you to develop.

Be Curious

We aim to inspire.

Get fresh ideas and insights, to spark new ideas and mental models to engage with.

Be Better

This is where the real development comes in – the prototyping and experimenting to move forward. 

Then reflect on how it went -confirm, or adjust your insight.


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