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Quick start guide


How do I get started?

From your Dashboard, scroll down to the experience, then click on the tile to your experience overview screen. Then click the workout you’re ready to work on.
Here’s Matt to guide you through…



What is the 'Journal'?

Your Journal is where all the Ideas you’ve added and the actions you’ve planned live.
Ideas are those 3 am flashes of brilliance, ‘aha’s’ from an inspiring article or things you don’t want to forget about. Here’s Matt with more…

What are 'Peers'?

Peers are your buddies who are going through the experience with you.  You can see how they are progressing, check their answers, and nudge them along!
Here’s Garrett…

What can I expect?

Leadership is a mindset, not a role.
Expect to get conscious, get curious and get better with your Adeption experience!
Here’s Garrett with more…


FAQ’s + Protips

How do I?

Quick help if you get stuck.

Help! I didn't receive a registration email?

Oh dear! First up, check your ‘spam’ folder to make sure it hasn’t detoured there. If it has – change the settings to allow emails from into your inbox. If you don’t see any emails from Adeption in your spam folder, send us an email (here) or get in touch with your Customer Success Coordinator – we’ll get you sorted!

How do I change the email address linked to my Adeption account?

Log in with the email address that you originally set your Adeption account up with. Once logged in, click your name in the top right hand corner of the home screen. You’ll see a profile option in the drop down menu. Click on this. Scroll down to the envelope icon and click on edit to ‘change your corporate email’.

You will then receive an email asking you to verify the email address. Click verify and away you go!

If you don’t see any emails from Adeption in your inbox or spam folder, send us an email (here) or get in touch with your Customer Success Coordinator – we’ll get you sorted!

How do I edit my answers?

After you answer your questions in each section, you are taken to the summary page where you’ll see how other people responded as well. Here you can click on the Change button below to edit your answer.

You can also go back at any time and edit your previous answers.

If you are on the mobile app, you can just scroll up and click on your answer to edit it.

I'm having an issue on the platform?

In the bottom right hand corner of your screen when you’re logged into the platform, you’ll see a yellow question button. Click on this at any time to message us. We will be with you within the hour!

How do I get to other experiences I am doing?

From the Dashboard, you will see tiles for the experiences you are part of. (They are sorted by your different groups).

Click on Start Experience for the experience you want to work on and voilà! You can now select the workout you’re on to get started.

How do I remove or get access to my personal data on Adeption?
Easy! Simply email and request to have your personal data removed or a copy of all data you have contributed to Adeption sent to you. We will be in contact and arrange this for you.
Oops I forgot my password!

No sweat! Just click on the Forgot password link at the bottom of the login page. On the next page put your registered email address and hit Send link. We’ll send you an email to reset your password.

If you have SSO access – you can sign straight in with your SSO link.

I want to contact a coach

Inside your experience, click on the Group tab.

Your coaches are listed under My leaders – click Message to get in touch with them.

You might also see a ‘Contact coach‘ link when you are planning your action. This is a great idea if you want to discuss your thinking or solve a particular problem. Your coach will receive a request to connect with you.

Can I turn off or change email notifications from the platform?

Yes! If you go to the top right-hand corner of your home screen and hover over your name you will see a settings tab in the drop down. Click on this. Here you can control the frequency of the emails you get from the platform, including any message alerts and reminders to reflect. You can select to turn on or off particular notifications as well.

Why can't I go through to the next workout?

If you can’t go onto another workout, there are two possible reasons for this.

  1. Designed to complete in order – The experience has been designed for you to go through a sequence of workouts. To get the best from it, you can only work through the highlighted workout.
  2. Are you awaiting ‘Action confirmation’? – After completing each workout, the action you designed may need to be confirmed by your peers/managers for you to move to the next one. (This depends on how your experience has been set up for you). Your peers/manager will have received a reminder to confirm what you’ve done, but you may need to give them a nudge!


We do better when we get others involved.

What is a peer?

It’s more fun to do things together! A ‘peer’ is a person you select from your group that you do the experience with. Peers are special – you can see how they answer, nudge them along and ‘confirm’/give high 5’s for the actions they do!

Things to know about peers;

  • We recommend choosing 1-5 peers from your group to get the best experience.
  • You can select your peers straight after logging in, or if you’re not sure, you can Skip and decide later.
Can I send a note to my peers?

Yes! Use the Messaging icon at the top right of the screen to send them a note.

You can also comment on their answers (by clicking on your peer’s tile in your Group page).

Or invite them to a whiteboard you create.

How can I see my peers answers?

Once you have added someone as a peer, you can see their workouts and how they answered within each workout.

If you want to see how others in your group answered, click on any word in the word cloud to see the full answers. If you like the answer, share the love and click Like.  You’ll get to see whose answer it was from your group.

What is 'confirmation'?

‘Confirmation’ is a way of ensuring you and your peers learn from each other. Depending on how your experience is set up, before moving to the next workout, one of your peers will need to confirm you took your action. The aim of this is to help you stay accountable to yourself, as well as stealing-ahem-learning insights and ideas from each other!
We strongly recommend that you also have a real conversation with your peer about what they did and what they learnt…like, “Hey Carl, how’s that action to ‘work on the big rocks first’ going?” …this will enhance both your learning and benefit from the experience.

What role does my manager play?

Your manager (or managers) can see your progress. Depending on how your experience is designed, your manager may have to ‘confirm’ the actions you’ve taken as well. Ideally, they will stay close to what you are planning and can provide you additional coaching.


Some of our fave features.

How can I look at the tools?

There are a few ways to do this;

  • You can search at the top of the screen
  • You can go to Journal on the menu at the top, then look in the Inspiration tab. Have a look through Shared with me or Recommended tools sections, or to browse click View all tools.
  • You’ll also get to see them when you go through your experience!
What is a 'Whiteboard'?

You’ll find Whiteboards in the Whiteboard tab of your experience (right beside Group).

Think of it as a slack channel within your group. You can save workshop notes, post ‘How to’ guides, collaborate on a project, share interesting links, have a group chat about a topic, the list goes on!

You can create an editable or non-editable whiteboard that you can choose to share with some or all members in your group.


What are 'Ideas'?

You can use the Add an Idea feature like a sticky note to jot down any ideas you have as you go through your experience. You add ideas from any page on the platform – click ‘Add an Idea’ at the top of your screen, or when you’re in a workout, it is below the menu on the left-hand side.

If you want to access your ideas at any time – head over to your Journal (in the top menu).

We know the key to good ideas…is lots of ideas! Record them all! Really good ones – you can turn into an action.

Or when you’re in a workout action-planning stage – hit the ‘Import an idea‘ icon, and there you go…add a time frame, reminders if you want, then get to work!

How do I create a goal or edit an existing one?

From the dashboard, on the right-hand side click on ‘Create my first goal’. You can also edit your goals from here by clicking directly on the goal – this will open an ‘edit goal’ screen.

Can I link actions to goals?

When you get to the action-planning section of your workout, you can link your action to a goal by clicking on the link to a goal icon. Then choose the goal you want to link it to.

Import ideas to actions

When you get to the action-planning section of your workout, if you already have some ideas saved, you can import an idea to your action by clicking on the import icon.

Tips for an awesome experience

Go on…be a super-user!

How detailed should my actions be?

The workouts are about developing a habit of being more deliberate in how you work and lead. This is best achieved by planning, doing and reflecting on small things that you wouldn’t normally do, and repeating this process a number of times.

Therefore don’t feel like your actions have to be big, but they need to be specific (not too cloudy or vague that you can wriggle out of!). Plus, it’s helpful if you can implement and reflect on them within one to two weeks.

How much detail should I go into for my answers?

As much as you like! The questions are designed to give you insights, it’s not about getting a right or wrong answer. If you get stuck, try the first thought that comes to mind, it’s super-easy to go back and change your answers later, once you reflect on it more.

Should I watch the videos?

It’s not mandatory to watch the videos. However we do recommend that you watch it as it gives an overview of the topic, and will help you in answering the questions.

What do you recommend for reminders?

When you plan an action you will be prompted to set accountability reminders. This includes both automated emails, text messages and push notifications to your phone (if you have downloaded our mobile app).

Think about when the reminder will be most useful – is it the start of the day (e.g. “Am I working on my most dreaded task first?“), or before a weekly meeting? (e.g. “Think before I speak”). Using the text option to set them up as a mantra or question for yourself is a nice way to frame them.

Some cautions!

  • Daily reminders are an option but remember that this will send you a notification EVERY day!
  • You also have the option to have peer and manager prompts. This means the platform prompts your peers/manager to check with you to see if you have done your action. This is a very effective way of ensuring you do what you way you will do, but this could be very annoying for them… so use this feature with discretion!
How long should I spend on each workout?

The platform is designed so that you can work through a workout in between 20 – 60 minutes. It depends how curious you are! Although there isn’t really that much to work through, some of the questions asked require a bit of thought and you may be interested to look at a lot of the tools – this will add to your time spent. The real time you will spend is in doing the action you plan for each module.

Some tips
• Move through quickly and answer questions with what comes to mind – you can go back and edit deeper thoughts later.
• If you are stuck, just enter something and then explore other people’s answers in the word clouds or go through the tools – they might help you edit your answer.

Managers + Coaches

A heads up for you managers + coaches.

What is the manager's role?

The manager’s role is to stay connected and engaged with the development of your people on the experience. Manager engagement has been shown to improve the impact of any professional development efforts by a whopping 40%!

Here are some of the things you can do;

  • Send your participants a message – From the Dashboard, click the Messaging icon. Send a message to ask how they are doing or if they need a nudge!

  • Inspire by sharing tools – In Journal, click Inspiration, Click View all, Select a tool, Click share

  • Collaborate and share thinking – Whiteboards are built for sharing thinking and interesting reads. Create your Whiteboard by going to the Whiteboard tab (right beside Group)

  • Encourage and comment – Click on your participant, then click on their progress to view and comment on their answers. You can also comment privately (so just you and the user you commented on see the comment).
  • Confirm actions – Depending on settings you will also have to confirm your people’s actions for at least one, and maybe more, of the workouts as they go through. Confirmation means you verify the actions that they promised they would do and give them any feedback. Even better, have an offline conversation about how they are going with their planned development actions.
What is the coach's role?

As a coach, you can have a massive impact on your participant’s engagement in their experience.

Here are some of the things you can do;

  • Check the progress of your group – From the Dashboard, click the Coach tile to see your participant’s progress. Send a message if they need a nudge!

  • Inspire by sharing tools – In Journal, click Inspiration, Click View all, Select a tool, Click share

  • Collaborate and share thinking – Whiteboards are built for sharing thinking and interesting reads. Create your Whiteboard by going to the Whiteboard tab (right beside Group)

  • Encourage and comment – Click on user, then click on their progress to view and comment on their answers. You can also comment privately (so just you and the user you commented on see the comment). You will also get notifications when a participant has completed a workout. (Feel free to edit your notifications under the Settings tab).
Why do I keep getting reminders for an action a participant is going to do?

You get these reminders because your peer/participant has requested you receive reminders to help them follow through on their action. A participant can do this by clicking on the ‘would you like your peer/manager to remind you?‘ button in the action planning stage.
You will keep receiving these reminders until your peer/participant has completed their action and reflected on it on the platform.

To stop receiving these reminders, either;

  • Contact your participant and nudge them along with their action!
  • Or contact a member of the Adeption team by clicking on the yellow chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
For managers - what do I do if I am away and can't confirm actions for a participant?

If you are a manager and are going to be away, you can delegate confirmation to another manager on the platform for the period you are away. To do this, log onto the platform and click on the Manager tile on your home screen. At the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a delegate confirmation button. Click on this button to specify the time you will be away and who will cover for you.

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