Vertical Leadership Development Incubator III

Learn how to design and deliver a vertically informed leadership development program.

Collaborate with others to design a program that combines horizontal development (skills, knowledge competencies) with vertical development (mindset capabilities).


Feb 19 – 2O, 2O19

Boeing Leadership Center, St. Louis, MO

What You’ll get From the Incubator

  • Become part of a design community of leading-edge practitioners
  • Learn what Vertical Development is and why it is crucial for developing leaders
  • Learn how other innovative companies are developing their leaders
  • Create a new, cutting-edge leadership development program for your organization
  • Add new tools, assessments, and methods to your leadership development toolkit
  • Receive your Vertical assessment results showing your current stage of development
  • See how organizations are using technology and ‘leaders developing leaders’ to scale and spread development
  • Help your leaders discover new approaches for dealing with the complexity of work and life

Your Three Month Vertical Incubator Program


Join Nick Petrie, author of ‘Future Trends in Leadership Development’ and Carl Sanders-Edwards, founder of the vertical app, for a three-month incubator, including 2 days in St. Louis on February 19th and 2Oth 2O19.

Learn new approaches from a community who are designing & delivering vertical programs in their organizations.

Why Vertical Development Matters

  • The challenges leaders face have changed and we need a new kind of leadership to elevate our impact and effectiveness
  • Today’s leaders need vertical development to help them grow more adaptive mindsets for the complex challenge of the 21st century  
  • Vertically developed leaders are able to think more systemically, see the long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators

What is Vertical Development?

Who should apply?

This incubator is for people who are designing and/or delivering leadership development programs (acceptance criteria required).


What does the incubator involve?

Day One

St. Louis

Learn about Vertical Development

  • Discover the core principles and research behind vertical development
  • Learn about different assessments for measuring leaders
  • Discuss your own assessment of your vertical stage of development
  • Explore three approaches for vertically developing leaders
  • Learn the most common traps to avoid
  • How to introduce and spread vertical developmental in your organization

Day Two

St. Louis

Create your Vertical Leadership Program

  • Design a vertical leadership program to use in your company (or with clients)
  • Work on your Vertical project in groups of 4
    • Practice pitching to your stakeholders
    • Get and give feedback and feedforward
  • Get expert coaching to rapidly iterate and improve your design
  • Learn from designs created by others in the group
  • Discover technology approaches for increasing behavior change
  • Customize your approach on the vertical development app



Development Support

  • Facilitated small group sessions to share progress and next steps (virtual)
  • Ongoing access to materials, tools and prompts with our app
  • Group coaching with your peers on your developmental edge and actions
  • Optional 1:1 coaching is available on request (for an additional cost).

Your Vertical Journey

A three month process

A Snapshot of our June Vertical Incubator


Last week we ran the first Vertical Leadership Incubator in Austin. It was a big success (we thought!). Carl Sanders-Edwards and I created the Incubator for practitioners who want to learn how to design and deliver great Leadership Development programs. Everyone came with a specific leadership program they were responsible for designing and delivering. Over the 2 days people learned about Vertical development (how to evolve mindsets) and worked on designing their programs. Here were our 7 biggest lessons:

1. Everyone wants to see what other companies are doing


Read more on Nick’s blog here

Vertical canvas

Making plans

How might we…?

Design and iterate

Ready to take your development programs vertical?



Full 3 month incubator program (includes 2 days in St. Louis)